The Teacher


David Klug has been a practitioner of Tai Chi and Qi Gong for over 35 years and a teacher for over 25 years.

Starting in 1987 studying under the Yang stylist Chu King Hung, and with exposure and experience of many styles of Tai Chi and Chi Gong, David has also studied Ba Gua and Hsing I, the two other ‘internal’ Chinese martial arts.

He has in recent years focussed on a small frame Wu Style of Tai Chi and a range of Qi Gong/Nei Gong which are particularly synergistic with this form of Tai Chi.

Origins of the class


Central London Tai Chi was founded following an Energy Arts Wu Style Tai Chi Instructor Training held in the UK in 2011.

A small group of instructors with certifications from this training were joined by experienced teacher David Klug, with oversight from Energy Arts Senior Instructor Jamie Dibdin. The focus was on teaching Energy Arts Qigong and the Wu Style Tai Chi Short Form developed by Bruce Frantzis. 

Subsequently a small group under teacher David Klug have been learning the Wu Style Long Form passed to Bruce Frantzis by his teacher Liu Hung Chieh (Liu Hongjie), who had become a disciple of Wu Jien Chuan (Wu Jianquan) in Hong Kong in the late 1930s.